Container Delivery

Containers will be delivered and can be unloaded at Fort Cautley Royal New Zealand Navy base.
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Please carefully read the Safety and other information below the map.


Safety and other Information for moving OK Dinghy and equipment, Container (Fort Cautley) to Wakatere Boating Club.

Important (Overhead power lines) – Do not stand mast at any time until safely in the grounds of the Wakatere Boating Club

For Country container Manager/ Representative.
Prior to moving boats and equipment contact either
Phil Rzepecky (Ph.021 486 416) or Dean Coleman (Ph.021 771 824)

You will be met on site and walked through the route to the Wakatere Boating Club.

Boats ( on beach trolleys ) and equipment to be carted from Fort Cautley
through main access to Vauxhall Road. Then down footpath to the grounds of the Wakatere Boating Club.

Fort Cautley is occupied by New Zealand Navy who generously have let Wakatere Boating Club use their land for container storage.
Please be respectful of Navy personnel when on site.

Vauxhall Road is a busy live road. When moving boats and equipment only use the footpath.
The footpath on Vauxlhall Road is primarily for pedestrians and cyclists.
Please be respectful of users.